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Trying to understand how and what behaviors/rituals/perceptions have changed under the course of the past year *covid-19* by reflecting/touching/acting these changes Léa plans on exploring the new normal’s repercussions through our personal practice in various ways.

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What does your desktop says about you?

What do you put in your folders?
How do you classify your folders?
What’s the name of your folders?
What is not in a folder?
How many folders do you have?
Is there a balance between the floating file and folders?
What app do you use?
What apps do you have but not use?
How do you position everything?
What is most used?
Do you empty your bin?
Does it show how many unread inbox you have?
Do you make back-ups?
Is is our new psych-test?
Is that my new dating app?
Is it the new way to meet?

What if your desktop serves as first impression?

What are online relations anyway?

Where is the bridge between digital and physical relationships?

To quote and paraphrase The white pubes’s words on KPOP and incidentally the big role parasocial relationships take in its success, “idol offer us (the fans) a chance to follow them as they navigate from the realm of the unreal to the hyper-real [as] they exist in split and synchronized state: as projection, image and person. Instilling in us (still talking about the fans) a proper sense of kinship.”

Since now most of people are spending their waken hours online, am I so bold to propose that all relations are shifting into parasocial ones? We’re creating and maintaining our emotional relationships through the screen. Is there then anything we can learn from the KPOP * idol music * world and its share of parasocial relationships in order to communicate better?

I had a really good chat with Nycila about it.
︎ Check it out.

Coming together of trajectories

Reconceptualizing the meeting space for it to be an hybrid of the digital and the physcial realities of both parties involved in the conversation.

Thinking of this meeting ground I question what is here, as in what is the space for encounter I’m allowing for both my guest and I physical realities in this digital world of mine. But also what is now, as to what informations is being shared through my computerized body. Searching for a representation of space that participates in the consolidation of my digital and physcial persona but also that shares these informations with my guest.

Positioning bodies in space >

Where is the digital beginning and the physcial ending? >

Background >

Portals linking physical and digital dimensions >

More to come