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Partaking on the creative team of many campains for major companies. Going from concept and ideation, to digital modeling and AD on physical sets for photoshoot. Often realising the props needed for the stage designs.

GOOGLE shopping with Rodrigo Sergio 

Photography: Virginie Gosseli Art Direction: Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez and Camille Boyer Prp stylist and assiting AD : Take out studi Photo Assistants: Mathieu Guérin, Audrey McMahon, Don Loga Digital Assistant: Stephane Losq Photo Retouching: Visual Box Tech Decor: Luigi Fortin Production: Patricia Doss, Zetä Production

Pony’s Mental Wealth campain for Tel Jeune with Camille Barrantes

Strategy/Consulting/Production: Les Enfants - Guillaume Arsenault Copywriting: Pony, Alexandre Pelletier, Guillaume Arsenault Art direction : Pony Production: Pony, Alexandre Pelletier Production coordination: Gabrielle Côté Photo direction: Natan B. Foisy Artistic director set : Camille Barrantes Props : Léa Cadieux Set Designers: Samuel Normand, Camille Bégin Stylist : Gabrielle Lauzier Make-up and hair : Emilie Caro 1st assistant-camera : Sébastien Blais Chief-electro: Saad Abas Electro : Louis Turcotte Chief cameraman : Alex Filio Machino : Vincent Legault Production assistants : Samuel Ferland, Tatianna Rose Casting : Marilou Riche Postproduction : Post-Moderne Motion design : Wolfgang Animatio Audio postproduction : Cult Nation - Théo Théophile Porcet Media : Canidé Equipments : SLA Location & Post-Moderne

FIZZ national campain with Rodrigo Sergio

Agencies: Ogilvy (2018 - 2020) and Qolab (2020 - present) Photography: Simon Duhamel, Consula Art Direction: Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez Prop Stylists and Set Design assistants: Take out studio Production: Consulat